Why does mass production change mold cost after plastic mold T0


Many customers can’t understand why the plastic mold factory has not mass-produced the mold after T0. If the mold is changed, I will be charged. The customer will feel that they have been slaughtered. PTJ Plastic Mould Factory also wants to explain here: Under normal circumstances, the plastic injection design structure of the mold will be evaluated before the mold T0, and then the design drawing and mold making will be carried out.

If the plastic mold manufacturer fails to meet the customer’s 3D data requirements, and the customer’s previous requirements do not meet the requirements, then the manufacturer cannot charge the customer to modify the mold, but if the customer’s own structure evaluation is abnormal, or the process is changed midway Yes, it is equivalent to the need to pull out the foundation of the built house and rebuild it, which is time-consuming and laborious. At this time, the manufacturer will charge the customer to modify the mold.

PTJ is here to summarize a sentence for you. If the plastic mold manufacturer does not achieve the 3D number and the mold quality is not up to the standard, then the manufacturer has to bear the cost for the customer to make the corrective rectification. If the customer needs to make a big move The cost of modifying the mold caused by changing the structure or the process in the middle shall be borne by the customer.

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