Our Mold Design Capacity

  • Professional mold design engineers with more than ten years experiences
  • We have Tooling designers with more than ten year experiences
  • Project managers with fluent English skill and rich experience more than 13 years
  • Top skilled Tooling manufacturing staff and professional shipping staff
  • Procedure for tooling design,
  • DFM Report and Mold Flow First(Choose the best gate point)
  • DFM approved-3D Mold Design with whole assembling components in it. also 2D assembling layout with BOM list

We not only satisfy your demands as your supplier but also we energetically look for methods to optimize your mould structure therefore save your cost and time during long period massive producing. We have good quality management techniques that are so successful.

Tooling drawing approved-Mold flow with cooling line, production drawing.

We analyze, improve and completely finish any existing mould issue may have that is not reaching your demands and specifications. As the best mold manufacturer in China we put a new management system on the issue and get solutions on what we will improve to solve the issue. We always listen to you, our customers. We do not just classify your problem into a pre-set mould solution. We input time to learn your business requirements, your difficulties and your production demands, after that we suggest a solution to the issues.

There are automatically profits along when you work with our organization of our dedication, our high grade steel materials & manufacturing tolerance standards, our highly effective system approach to each of the processing, from designing up to shipping.

Injection mold design is one of the most challenging yet interesting jobs in the field of plastics. This is great for people who want to use their creative abilities. That is one of the main requirements needed to make new projects and new designs.

Some may think this job is easy due to the use of CAD programs. These courses will help a person learn about the job and programs to help them along the way. These projects are just tools to assist the designer. The designer has to come up with new methods for making plastic molds. This is going to require inventiveness. Some may wonder what a plastic mold designer does in a typical day at work. Many have a schedule similar to mold makers. They work closely together since the makers are manufacturing their designs.

The designer consults with the mold makers, CNC programmers and WEDM programmers. This way they can work on a design that is realistic and functional. The designer usually works a shorter day then the mold makers. They have to put the design together but they do not have to construct the mold or the plastic. They may help out in the shop sometimes. This is common during slower seasons This will also allow them to get in some more hours and see their designs come to life. To many this will sound like an interesting career choice. Wondering how to become an injection mold designer? There are two career paths in the United States. One is to learn while working on the job and the other is to attend design school. It is also helpful if a person has mechanical abilities and enjoys hands on work.

Many designers have a background in mold making. Plastic Mold makers learn about designs on the job or they go to school for it. Some companies may also pay for the additional training. Previous experience in the field will help them use realistic approaches to their design. Technology based schools and universities offer programs that focus in plastic injection mold design. A background in mechanical and mathematics is beneficial. This will help with the design process. The plastic field is growing and skilled designers are in demand but the supply is low.

The mold design field is competitive at the global level. The designer and Plastic mold maker can live in different parts of the world. The project manager will have to spend a lot of time on the phone and email to ensure proper communication. Working in the injection mold design field has its challenges but is interesting. There is job security and the field pays well. There are good courses to learn the skills to become a designer.

Engineer Team

A good Engineering team is a security to guide each project running smoothly or not, even successful or failing. PTJ TECH pays lots of attention to the mould construction, feeding systems, cooling channels and moving mechanisms to ensure the highest quality plastic molding parts are delivered from the injection mould at the minimum cycle time. The professional engineers from PTJ TECH will make the good mold design to help the customer to solve the issues in structure and function to the products,

We are happy to provide our professional suggestions regarding part design an mold making feasibility to your new product development as well

The software we are using
UG, Auto CAD, Pro/E, Solidworks,

Mould flow Analysis will be provided during the plastic mold design period.

General Mold design steps

  1. DFM(mold for feasibility) report sending to the customer before mold design.
  2. Start working on mold design according to DFM report approval.
  3. Send whole 3D mold design to customer to confirm and make analysis
  4. Discuss with customer incase any issue .
  5. Drawing the final mold design after customer approval.
  6. Start order steel and manufacturing.