Poor injection molding problems and solutions


Two months ago, Mr EMAODL in India was troubled by the problem of poor injection molding. Mr EMAODL contacted PTJ Plastic Mold Factory by searching for plastic mold customization on the Internet. After communicating with Mr EMAODL, he learned that Mr EMAODL had its own stable plastic mold cooperation manufacturer before, but I don’t know why recently. The quality of the molds that were opened was very poor, which delayed a lot of time back and forth, resulting in a very short production lead time. If you want to find a plastic mold manufacturer who can open a good mold, you might as well come to PTJ!

The injection mold factory encountered excessive temperature rise of the barrel during machine production, and the back pressure was too high or the screw barrel was abnormally damaged. Insufficient plasticization capacity means that the heating is not enough to dissipate heat. The wattage of the electric heating sheet can be appropriately increased. The plasticization of the raw material itself is insufficient and the thermal decomposition is not enough. The injection molding machine is unstable, the temperature is abnormal or the reverse flow system is broken, and the shooting point is switched to the pressure holding starting point. The on-site voltage of the injection mold factory is not stable, and it is caused by adjustment of the transformer voltage parameters.

Two points are summarized in the injection mold factory for poor injection molding. The first is the quality of the material itself, and the second is the problems of the machine, the material and the molding operation process.

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