How long does it take to open the mold before mass production of shell materials


Many customers who come to consult are very eager to know what is the process of finding a custom mold from PTJ injection mold factory. After summarizing, they found that the most concerned questions of customers are how long it takes to open the mold before mass production? How many days after mass production can I receive the shell material? On this issue, today PTJ Injection Mold Factory is here to give you a unified and detailed explanation.

The cycle of custom molds depends on the type. For example, mold opening is generally a 25-day cycle for Bluetooth headset molds. However, depending on the material you choose, the time required for different production processes will also vary, such as if you want to open A complete set of Bluetooth headsets is divided into more than 6 sets of molds for injection molding, and its production cycle must be 25 days or more. If you just open one part, it will be very fast, and the mold can be produced within 7 days at the earliest. In addition, this is only the time for mold opening, injection molding has not been counted, plastic injection molding usually takes 3-5 days to ship. Therefore, you must first calculate the time and confirm with the PTJ injection mold factory. The mass production and delivery of shell materials are generally determined according to the customer’s demand. If your quantity is large, the relatively long time will be slightly longer. , But generally will not exceed 5 days.

Are you still worried that the price is the most affordable? Is the skill superb? Can you get timely communication and solutions for the progress of the mold opening process? You don’t have to worry about PTJ injection mold factory having special customer service. PTJ always takes the most sincere attitude to solve the problems encountered in the mold opening process for customers.

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