How to identify the strength of a plastic mold factory


How to identify whether a plastic mold factory’s qualifications meet its own psychological standards, PTJ believes: Interlace is like a mountain, outsiders may be a little bit unable to start, but the insider can identify whether this factory is capable by looking at the mold factory directly by looking at the plastic mold effect .

PTJ believes that a good set of plastic molds is the best proof of its own strength. The simple truth is that the mold can be completed on time? Can a T0 mold trial be successful? Direct mass production under the condition that the customer has no special requirements to modify the mold? After mass production, the shell products do not have the common undesirable effects such as drape, high gloss and matte surface? If a mold factory can produce plastic molds with guaranteed quality, time and quantity, customers will basically choose to cooperate with you directly without too much worry.

PTJ Plastic Mould Factory has more than 2,000 cooperation cases in the past 13 years, and has cooperated with many well-known brand enterprises. If you want to know more about PTJ ‘s strength, welcome everyone to visit the factory!

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