The original intention of the plastic mold processing plant


In Dongguan, there is such a plastic mold processing factory that has been making molds and injection molding shells for 13 years. It may be that 13 years of experience does not mean much for a city with many manufacturing industries, but PTJ plastic mold processing What the editor of the factory wants to express to you is: With so many mold factories, which one has insisted on private mold customization for 13 years and conquered customers with quality?

In fact, everyone knows that there are not many plastic mold processing factories that can uphold their original intentions. Because PTJ persists, many brand customers have found us. They also hope that PTJ can complete production with time, quality and quantity, which can help their brand. A booster shot. Brand companies currently cooperating with PTJ include Xiaomi, Glory, Energizer, Shuocheng, etc…

PTJ’s after-sales service is also very considerate. Ms. Li, the headset customer we worked with before, came to our company for a review meeting. When I returned, PTJ prepared a detailed mold review report so that Ms. Li could better communicate with them and increase the speed. Modification speed. Ms. Li couldn’t help but sigh that PTJ is not only good in technology, but also perfect in details, really starting from the customer’s point of view.

This plastic mold processing factory in Dongguan is recognized by brand customers-PTJ, with 13 years of experience in mold making to provide you with private mold customization services. The self-purchased factory building of 2000 square meters and the dust-free workshop ensure the quality of the shell.

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