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Plastic mold factories are busy with assembly and production day and night, but there are always such and other small episodes. For example, for high-gloss molds, this mold is generally injection molded by precision molds. Both appearance and texture It is very beautiful and exquisite, but beautiful things are always exquisite and expensive. The plastic mold factory must be extremely careful in daily maintenance. Today PTJ will share with you three taboos about high-gloss mold maintenance.

Many plastic mold factories only perform actions when maintaining high-gloss molds, but do not care whether the actions are in place, and some taboos are not paid attention to. The number one taboo in high-gloss mold maintenance is high temperature! Anti-rust oil must not be sprayed at high temperature, because if you spray anti-rust oil on the mold at high temperature, it will directly damage the smooth surface of the mold. This damage will cause defects on the surface of the product during injection.

The second taboo is that the plastic mold factory cannot use an air gun to blow the surface of the mold when cleaning the high-gloss mold. The wind speed of the air gun is fast and beneficial, and direct blowing will also cause damage to the smooth surface. The last taboo and the most important one is the cleaning process. The mold cleaning process must be cautious after each beer. It is necessary to ensure that the mold surface is flushed in place to ensure that the next maintenance action is effective.

The more exquisite molds are properly maintained, the more exquisite products can be produced. The above are the taboo knowledge points of high-gloss mold maintenance shared by PTJ Plastic Mold Factory. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. For more details, please feel free to contact our customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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