What are the twists and turns of the plastic mold quotation?


“Seriously, after working with you, I learned that you are so dedicated to making plastic molds.” This is Ms. Huang, who cooperated with us, praised PTJ. PTJ’s 13-year technical precipitation has made every set of molds for our customers.

I believe that every plastic mold factory hopes to reach a strategic sense of long-term cooperation with customers in the face of cooperation with customers. Making molds is not a one-shot deal. It is the kingly way to understand that the quote is appropriate and the back-end service also keeps up. The plastic mold factory does not need to panic. When the customer question the price, we will show the real mold quality to the customer and let her feel that it is worth the money.

Whether it is a plastic mold factory or a customer, there will be such a consideration, where the supplier wants to increase revenue and reduce expenditure. In the process of increasing revenue and reducing expenditure, if it is to reduce management costs from management, there is no trouble, but if you use bad mold steel , Inferior suppliers distribute mold processing parts, and the production cannot be stabilized during production and the delivery is abnormal, and the loss will be more than a little by then.

Plastic mold factories must understand a truth, customers will not choose you because of low prices, so a bottom-line rejection is more convincing than endless catering. Only by making high-quality molds and delivering them within the specified time can customers truly be impressed.

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