What is SLA

What is SLA

Stereolithography is widely used in aerospace, automotive, electrical appliances, consumer products, and medical industries in single-piece small batch precision casting, product models, rapid tooling, and product-oriented molds.

Among the several rapid prototyping methods currently in use, photocuring is the most widely used because of its high degree of automation in the molding process, good quality of the prototype surface, high dimensional accuracy, and the ability to achieve relatively fine dimensional molding. Applications.

The molding precision is high, but the molding size also has a large limit, which makes it unsuitable for making bulky workpieces.

The accompanying physical and chemical changes during the forming process may cause the workpiece to deform

The forming workpiece needs to have a supporting structure. The forming speed is fast, the degree of automation is high, any complex shape can be formed, and the dimensional accuracy is high. It is mainly used for the rapid prototyping of complex and high-precision fine workpieces.

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