Common problems and solutions of plastic mold test


Mold trial is an important step that must be passed after the completion of plastic mold manufacturing. Various problems will always be found in the process of mold trial adjustment. Only when these problems are solved will it not affect the delivery time of the mold. For mold design Process defects in manufacturing and manufacturing can also be detected in time, and improved and corrected to ensure that qualified parts are produced.

It is necessary to make full preparations before tryout, understand the performance and characteristics of the test material, and the thickness must meet the requirements of the drawing. Check the mold surface for impurities and dust, and prevent mold damage. The fixing on the stamping equipment should not be too loose, and the debugging can be started only after inspection.

If the burr of the generated part is too large, the reason is that the blanking gap is too large or too small. Just adjust the blanking gap in time. Under normal circumstances, the burr problem should be avoided before the plastic mold test. When the mold is assembled, it is necessary to ensure the accuracy of the oil with a reasonable punching gap, and at the same time, there must be enough blanking holes, and the staff should not miss the process.

Because the mold bending gap is smaller than the thickness of the material, the mold surface is not smooth and there are too many debris on the surface of the part. As long as the mold surface is polished, the bending gap is reasonable and the material thickness is maintained. The problem of sassafras injury can be solved.

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