From what aspects can the quality of plastic molds be identified


In daily life, how to distinguish between good and bad plastic mold is indeed a problem, especially when remotely controlling market transactions on the Internet. The key identification barrier is that molds are not like other products. Other products have samples. Customers can judge whether this product will be the product they want based on the sample.

The mold is made-to-order. After the customer clearly wants to open the mold, the sample or engineering drawing is presented to the distributor, and then the distributor will produce it. The quality of a mold depends not only on the mold itself, but also on whether the products processed with this mold will pass. Under normal circumstances, there are three key points to comment on the characteristics of plastic mold crafts.

1. Design quality, including data integrity, color tone and gloss;
2. Outer dimensions and relativity between specific positions, that is, the precision of outer dimensions and the precision of specific positions;
3. The physical properties, organic chemical properties, thermal properties, etc. corresponding to the main purpose, that is, multi-functionality. Therefore, if there are often problems due to all the important links in the three aspects mentioned above, it will cause the defects of mold crafts And expand.

For the mold itself, the first thing to look at is the material consumption of the mold. Many customers know that before placing an order for the mold, they should clarify the mold consumption with the manufacturer. The choice of mold consumption is actually a choice of steel. The choice of steel is actually the choice of steel hardness and toughness. For the mold, the greater the hardness of the selected steel, the less likely to be worn during the production process, and the longer the service life. The longer the service life, the more products the mold can produce, which is a saving for plastic parts manufacturers.
Secondly, it needs to see whether the mold is easy to break under normal manufacturing and maintenance, and it is often repaired. Everyone knows that things that break easily are definitely bad.

Furthermore, look at whether the manufactured goods have flashes, burrs, and whether the surface is smooth. There are flashes, burrs, and non-smooth ones are definitely not good. The injection molding manufacturer must arrange for someone to remove the burrs, which wastes time and manpower and material resources.


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