Manufacturing mold method and principle in metal spraying spray

Manufacturing mold method and principle in metal spraying spray

1. Method for manufacturing mold by metal spraying spraying

The mold of the metal spray-spraying manufacturing mold method has better mechanical properties, and the accuracy is also easy to ensure, and molds with higher working pressure can be produced.
The method of manufacturing the mold by metal spraying spraying is to spray the atomized metal with an arc or plasma on the surface of the RP prototype or transition model as the master mold to form a metal hard shell layer. After removing the master mold, the metal base is recast on the back of the metal shell Synthetic material or epoxy resin to form a hard backing, and after the treatment, a mold composed of a metal surface and a hard backing is obtained.

2. The principle of metal spraying manufacturing mold

Molten tool steel or other alloy is pressed into the nozzle and meets with a high-speed flowing inert gas to form a mist-like droplet, which is sprayed and deposited onto the prototype of plastic or ceramic to replicate the surface structure shape of the mother sample With the aid of a mold release agent, the steel mold formed by deposition is separated from the mother sample, and the required mold can be produced.

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