What changes have been made to plastic mold materials after UV lamps?


The product with thin plastic mold position needs to be controlled to keep the temperature without abnormal changes when passing the UV lamp, which is basically in the range of 55-65. Special products need to be fine-tuned because of the glue position problem. If the glue position is too thin, the long baking time and high temperature will cause three problems in the plastic mold: increased deformation, color difference, and difficulty in assembly.

According to the above description, there is a screen printing scheme for plastic mold products, and the color after the process needs to be confirmed after the UV lamp or UV oven is required. Normally, light-colored products such as white are slightly yellow after being illuminated by the lamp. This is in the early stage When confirming the project, it is necessary to do a good job of quality docking with the customer to avoid the customer accepting the white color of the material and the yellow color after the process.

Choosing a plastic mold factory, in addition to the hard power in making plastic molds and injection molding, it should also be more detailed to understand the various processes of the mold to better assist customers in reminding customers that there is a specialization in the industry, which should be reflected in the entire production technology Control the details.

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