Plastic mold factory finished product size to avoid “sword slant forward”


Under normal circumstances, in the production process of a plastic mold factory, a set of products consists of multiple parts, and the size of each part is larger or smaller. When the size of a single part of the product of the plastic mold factory is completed, it should also be matched to the same Pay attention to the dimensions of other parts of the batch.

The product parts of the plastic mold factory cannot appear, some parts have the upper limit tolerance and some parts have the limit tolerance. In this way, the size of the edging ball is prone to a gap in the product assembly, which will bring bad risks to the product assembly. In the quality monitoring process, whether it is size monitoring or assembly monitoring, it is a random inspection behavior.

Therefore, the plastic mold factory needs to keep the product size well at the same time paying attention to the product inter-matching effect, in order to effectively avoid product segmentation and assembly risks.

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