Plastic mold materials, the craftsmanship must be done after you want to “show the color and eat”


PTJ Plastic Mold Factory has verified that it is not possible to have a fluke in the manufacturing process for mold materials with post-processes, especially for materials with brighter colors, to avoid the failure of the subsequent sections to be put into production due to the failure of the plastic mold materials to control. Cause unnecessary waste of working hours and materials.

The material of the plastic mold product is white, and the color of the sprayed pearl white process plastic is inconsistent with the same batch, and the color is yellow. So in the spraying process, if the different background colors are produced by the normal process, the spraying color will be inconsistent. At this time, if it is consistent, Unconventional means is needed, that is, an additional coat is needed to solve this problem. The cost increases and the product process changes. If it is verified, the order is completed under the premise of additional costs, and the profit is reduced.

The plastic mold product is a white process with materials that are directly silk-screened and gray. If the color of the material is different after silk-screening, the surface effect of plastic products will be different after silk-screening, and the same silk-screening ink will have a different silk-screened finished product effect.

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