Three criteria for choosing a plastic mold factory


It is easy to find a plastic mold factory in China, but it is not so easy if you want to find a professional manufacturer that is highly compatible with you. For example, there are not many china plastic mold factories that integrate the production of mold opening, injection, and injection. For example, PTJ can provide one-stop private mold customization for design, mold opening, injection molding, and oil injection silk screen printing. We have our own business philosophy.

PTJ tells you that Mr. Gao, a customer of PTJ, wanted to find an all-round plastic mold factory, but because of time, location and other factors, he could not find PTJ in the first time. Before that, he found other manufacturers to customize the mold and the quality was not good. The delay in delivery also caused Mr. Gao to pay breach of contract damages to his customers. Later, he met PTJ because of the network connection. The strong manufacturers have their own technical team and production team. So far, Mr. Gao and PTJ have started a period. Satisfactory journey of cooperation.

Moreover, when choosing an all-round plastic mold factory, you must not think about saving costs. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and PTJ will not let you down on custom molds!

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