Stable delivery of high-end quality plastic shell


What are the benefits for some brands to find a high-end injection mold factory? This question is answered by the PTJ or more convincing. Opening a set of molds is not a purchase by a certain treasure. There is a certain cost investment. High investment requires high returns. If you have a strong injection mold factory to cooperate with you, then you must do more with less than opening a mold.

The PTJ injection mold factory covers an area of 2500 square meters, with a 100,000-level dust-free workshop configuration, more than 20 imported injection molding equipment, complete testing equipment, 60 technical team production, and set up a process card process to support 12 quality inspection procedures. Shell quality, because we focus on delivering high-quality plastic shells to the market, we can help customers build their own brands and broaden market channels to achieve a win-win situation!

The reason why PTJ injection mold factory has been obsessed with quality as always for 13 years is to use reliable hardware strength as a powerful backing force for your company’s brand start-up development.

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