Shenzhen plastic mold factory SAY NO for inferior shell materials


Many plastic mold manufacturers pay special attention to quality. But sometimes they forget the quality promised to customers for their own profit. But there is a mold factory in Shenzhen that is like this. It would rather sacrifice profit to insist on quality-that is PTJ plastic mold manufacturing factory.

Because gaining the trust and support of customers is the pursuit of PTJ as a powerful enterprise in Shenzhen, we are committed to making every customer satisfied with our customized molds. Some plastic mold manufacturers consider whether they can be reused when they see inferior shell materials. PTJ facilitates these to form a sharp contrast. The establishment of 12 QC quality inspection procedures is to completely eliminate the inferior shell materials from being delivered to customers. It would rather lose a little profit by yourself, but also hand over the best quality shell to customers from the source. Always be responsible for the customer.

After confirming the mold drawing with the customer, the PTJ plastic mold manufacturer will hold a review meeting to gather various departments to discuss the follow-up production process. At the same time, each link is supervised and responsible to make customers trust.

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