The plastic mold manufacturer controls the quality of the shell like this


China is a big country in the manufacturing industry. With the expansion of domestic and foreign markets in recent years, customer demand is increasing. More and more domestic plastic mold manufacturers are beginning to realize the importance of mold quality and shell quality to the development of an enterprise. From the past made in China to the current quality made in my country, it can be seen that the quality of our country has been improving and it has begun to enter the forefront of the world. So how does the plastic mold manufacturer control the quality of the shell through quality inspection during the production process?

For example, PTJ plastic mold manufacturing factory has implemented intelligent production long ago. From the early design review, mold opening on the way, and later injection molding products, it has its own proprietary operating system process. This is also a more convenient and faster path for quality control system engineering. Quality management is definitely the most important alleviation for mold factories. Intelligent production online monitoring of abnormal PTJ is the first time to grasp the bad links and control them to avoid influx One link.

PTJ plastic mold manufacturing plant establishes enterprise production data by real-time monitoring of the entire mold opening cycle from design to procurement, production, after-sales and other information. Let customers have a more transparent and clear understanding of the entire production process of their products.

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