Rigorous acceptance of molds


The promise of the plastic mold factory to customers is not about how much money you can save and how quickly you can do it. The best promise for customers is that there is no problem with the acceptance of the mold and the quality of the plastic shell produced is flawless. Today, PTJ Plastic Mould Factory will give you a detailed introduction to the details of the pre-moulding process.

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  • 1 The plastic mold factory must know whether the surface texture has been fully optimized in place? Whether there is conflict between the effect of the texture and the covering of the post process. For example, the brushed texture surface is sprayed with silver, and the brushed texture surface is damaged, so its lines cannot be completely covered by the post process
  • 2 Is the cloak around the product appearance surface and the assembly position all handled OK? The cloak phenomenon appears in the mold many times, so the last time the mold is accepted, this must be treated with caution to avoid wasting labor after the machine.
  • 3 Whether the size of the product can be easily adjusted within the tolerance, if the size of the product is adjusted for the last time, and then the limit tolerance is taken, then the Mo mold will not be able to be mass-produced smoothly.
  • 4 Confirmation of assembly. Confirm the function of the product by assembling the corresponding drawing accessories.
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  • 5 The last proofing product of the plastic mold factory must undergo normal process in addition to sending it to the measurement room for CPK and FAi. After the delivery of the normal size and the process are completed, when the injection molding sample is issued, the materials and the process effect samples are issued simultaneously….
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