The difference between Chinese and European and American plastic mold shop management methods


1. Adopt specialization, and product quality shall prevail.

Most of the large-scale mold companies in Europe and the United States are based on the demand for various molds in the automobile, electronics and other industries. While determining their product positioning and market positioning, they will look for a series of mold production cooperation manufacturers and supporting supplies near the mold factory. Business is to survive in market competition, go further, and achieve a mutually beneficial, mutually beneficial and win-win partnership.

2. Adopt advanced management information system to realize integrated management.

European and American companies, especially the larger mold companies, have basically implemented computer management information systems. Shenzhen Jimei Mould Technology Co., Ltd. mold factory uses ERP system, from production planning, process formulation to quality inspection, inventory and so on. Both can share information on a computer network.

3. Advanced process management and high degree of standardization.

European and American enterprise mold manufacturers rely on advanced process equipment and process routes to ensure parts accuracy and production schedule. And each mold has a detailed design drawing, including the processing on each part, and a detailed plan is set. Therefore, compared with domestic injection mold factories, the production efficiency and work efficiency of European and American companies’ molds are much higher.

At present, there is still a gap between china plastic mold factories and European and American mold companies. However, while there is a gap, we also have absolute advantages. The labor cost in the domestic market is much cheaper than the labor cost in foreign countries. , This is also a major advantage of our domestic plastic mold factory. If you want molds to go out of China, go to time. China Plastic Mould Factory should take the path of specialization, concentrate on studying its own profession to do professional things, at the same time enhance the awareness of participating in international competition, and strengthen international economic and technological cooperation and exchanges!

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