Advantages of one-stop mold opening for plastic molds


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Then, when the customer is looking for qualified suppliers in the early stage, they will ask the supplier whether it is an integrated model or a mold-only model. Of course, one-stop molds are often opened, and the integrated injection molding mode is more attractive to customers. So, what are the advantages of one-stop mold opening?

  • 1. The one-stop mold opening mode of mold opening and injection molding can ensure that when the product is produced later, it can be corrected immediately when there is a problem. Because when the mold acceptance is successful and the product is produced, it is inevitable that unqualified products will be produced due to different machines or adjustment masters, of course, one-stop mold opening. In a factory that integrates injection molding and mold opening, this situation will be reduced, because the mold master will dock with the production master in advance, and then adjust to produce qualified products.
  • 2. In a one-stop factory for mold opening production, there will be no previous complaints from customers about mold opening projects and production factories. This also reduces this risk to a certain extent and ensures the efficiency of product production.
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