Difficulties of injection molding shell


In our lives, the shells of many common items are basically made of plastic, such as mobile phone shells, refrigerator shells, computer shells and so on. These are produced by injection molding methods. Because these shells are directly in contact with the surface of consumers’ hands, no matter how the product performance, appearance, and craftsmanship are, if the quality of the product shell is not up to standard, it will leave a bad impression on consumers, which is related to whether the product can be sold successfully. ,

The key is how the product feels, so we need to be very strict with the quality of the product shell, so what difficulties will we encounter during this period?

  • 1. The dimensional tolerance of the shell of injection molding process. If the size is too different from the size of the product, it will cause a large gap, which is very uncomfortable for people to use, and it is easy for consumers to experience poor use. bad impression.
  • 2. The surface finish of the injection molded shell should be comfortable when consumers touch the shell. The finish has a lot to do with the design of the injection mold and the choice of raw materials.
  • 3. The spray painting requirements for the shell of injection molding processing will be very strict, and the peculiar smell should be treated in time, and the spray painting should be even.
  • 4. The strength of the injection-molded shell must be durable. Compared with ordinary electrical appliances, the product must be used for at least ten years. During this period, consumers will not be accidentally bumped. Therefore, the processed shell must have durability and impact.
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