Reasons for the constant flow of customers from plastic mold factories


Some time ago, Mr. Dai, who was making headphones in Luohu, found PTJ Plastic Mould Factory and sent us two bluetooth headset drawings, asking us whether PTJ Plastic Mould Factory can produce according to the standard. Including his process structure and injection molding requirements, whether we can meet the standards, our PTJ engineers immediately responded to Mr. Dai’s questions after evaluating them.

It turned out that the quality of the earphone molds produced by the plastic mold factory that Mr. Dai cooperated with at Luohu before was not satisfactory. Not only did the shell material flower, shell cracks, and frequent rework, the delivery time was delayed, but Dai Mr. Dai did not deliver the goods to the customer within the prescribed time, causing Mr. Dai to pay a large amount of liquidated damages.

Therefore, this time Mr. Dai is looking for a manufacturer with strong strength and punctual delivery. Through a friend’s introduction, Mr. Dai learned that PTJ is a headphone mold production factory with 13 years of experience. The experience and the online evaluation of PTJ are very good. It also made Mr. Dai more at ease.

PTJ Plastic Mould Factory made a formal earphone quotation for Mr. Dai. After evaluation, Mr. Dai placed an order for PTJ, and we immediately started production. After Mr. Dai received the first batch of samples sent, PTJ was highly praised by Mr. Dai: The surface of the shell is smooth and without prints and no burrs. Customer feedback is very good and confirmed that the Bluetooth headset shell needs to be customized in the future, and the order will be sent to us.

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