How to evaluate the quality management of plastic mold factories


The life of a plastic mold factory is quality, so quality management must be the top priority of a factory. When recruiting, you must have the above qualities to have a positive impact on the departmental company, and effectively control the cost of the company. Improve company efficiency. Today PTJ Plastic Mould Factory will tell you how we evaluate quality work.

First, clearly understand the quality standards of the plastic mold factory, and have a good quality awareness. Secondly, managers have certain organizational skills and can unite their subordinates to carry out certain quality education for the employees of a production line. And the manager should be very familiar with the production process and product inspection specifications.

It is not only the management of quality personnel, but also the quality control. When a quality abnormality occurs, the manager should be able to deal with the abnormality and be able to analyze the cause of the abnormality. Finally, managers should have better self-learning ability, persist in continuous efforts, and be able to demand themselves.

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