Choosing a Bluetooth headset mold factory is more reassuring if there is a scale


Recently, Mr. Wu from Guangzhou wanted to find a Bluetooth headset mold factory to order their company’s new products, but after searching a lot on the Internet, he didn’t want what Mr. Wu wanted. Later, he met PTJ Bluetooth headsets through a friend. Mould factory, the journey of cooperation between Mr. Wu and PTJ has begun.

Recently, Mr. Wu came to the PTJ Bluetooth headset plastic mold factory to inspect the site. He saw PTJ’s clean and tidy production workshop, the mold master’s assembly process, and the configuration of the machine. Mr. Wu still recognized the strength of PTJ. The earphone mold samples opened by other customers are very beautiful in appearance. Mr. Wu was very satisfied and immediately sent the 3D graphics files of the new headset to PTJ for a quotation. After the quotation was completed, Mr. Wu felt that the price was reasonable and he naturally promoted the cooperation.

Seeing here, if you also have new earphones or smart wearable products that need to be developed, please be sure to delegate this important task to PTJ!

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