Preparations for the trial production of new projects


During the trial production of plastic molds, it is also a more rigorous evaluation stage for the structure, appearance, and performance of the project by the customer and internal. The quantity may not be large, in order to avoid the potential functional hazards of mass production. . Therefore, the following points need to be paid attention to during the trial production of plastic molds.

On-site production requires the assistance of project engineering to understand in advance the problems that occurred in this set of plastic mold test molds, and do a good job of summing up experience and analysis for those that have been circumvented and small defects that have not been circumvented. This is conducive to better management and control of production and on-site quality. The production and quality are confused during the trial production stage. Effective prevention is impossible, resulting in product abnormalities that cannot be discovered in time.

The issues that the plastic mold factory should pay attention to during the trial production of the new project: project, production, quality, good information sharing, and knowledge exchange can better do the pre-quality of the mold, and lay a solid foundation for the early stage of the project.

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