Plastic mold factory makes smart wearable bracelets without fear of problems


Most of the plastic mold factories that make smart wearers will encounter the problem of unsuccessful mold release. What methods can be used to solve it? PTJ Plastic Mould Factory will give you a trick!

Poor mold release of smart wearables in plastic mold factories: it means that the molded product is difficult to take out from the plastic mold or is completely deformed during taking out. Adhesive materials can easily cause this problem, but it can be improved by adding a release agent to the material or applying a release agent on the mold before molding.

Insufficient cooling of molded products for smart wear in plastic mold factories is also prone to such problems, so it is very necessary to fully cool molded products. In addition, the unreasonable mold design will also become the reason for the difficulty of demolding, especially in the parts that are easy to stick to the mold, such as the injection port and the glue channel. It is very effective to increase the pull-out angle of the injection port and widen the glue channel

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