Plastic Mould that won’t deform after 80w times using


Now the price of opening a set of molds is not low, customers only care about the price and quality when opening a mold. No one wants to open a set of molds. As a result, the mold is damaged when there are not many products. The quality of the mold is Injection mold manufacturers have a lot to do, so have you ever encountered an injection mold manufacturer that can achieve affordable prices and guarantee 80w cycles? ——I will take you to PTJ today.

PTJ injection mold manufacturing plant has a self-purchased workshop of 2500 square meters, 20 imported injection molding equipment is standard configuration, a 100,000-class dust-free workshop, and 3 oil injection production lines. To trace the raw materials, to ensure that the first priority is to select the branded raw material steel s136, which is necessary and is assembled by experienced mold masters with more than 10 years of experience. Experienced injection molding masters must operate the machine and regular maintenance is necessary. This can achieve 80w beers.

Opening injection molds is not a manufacturer without cheap quotations. It is just that you can’t predict the quality and mold loss rate in the later stage. Therefore, choosing PTJ injection mold manufacturer will let you win at the starting line, and use it with peace of mind.

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