The choice of the appearance of the smart bracelet mold


“Atmosphere, beauty, and texture” have become the mainstream aesthetics in the smart bracelet market now. Consumers not only treat the bracelet as a human health monitoring device, but also treat it as an accessory. So when we make the smart bracelet mold, we To consider the favorite points of the consumer group, starting from the appearance selection of the pattern, how many kinds of patterns are there for the smart bracelet mold? Today PTJ takes you into the “world” of textured surface.

We have to be clear that the texture process does not mean that I want to choose whichever one. It requires the mold factory engineer to confirm the structure process when learning about the smart bracelet mold hand plate and then hand it over to the design to decide. The design department will decide according to the product. Characteristics and production processes are used to select a pattern that is more suitable for the appearance of the mold. Usually, the selection and manufacturing of the mold pattern are more sophisticated for the mold that selects the finished material to be shipped. Basically, the most popular textures selected by manufacturers are brushed texture, frosted texture, leather texture and 3D texture, which can be used on materials that are directly shipped, so that the operation is more efficient and time-saving, so it is more popular with manufacturers.

Some manufacturers who are pursuing high-end will choose the high-gloss surface. There are two operation methods, material output and spraying process, because the precision of the smart bracelet plastic mold with high-gloss texture is higher than that of other texture molds. , And the maintenance cost is also higher, so we must design the exhaust of the high-gloss mold cavity during the preliminary design.

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