Bluetooth headset plastic mould


For brand owners who do high-end Bluetooth headset molds, they are not afraid of high costs, but they are afraid that the products will not make money. If you look for a manufacturer like PTJ that makes you worry-free, not only the earphone molds produced are exquisite, but they can also save you 70% of the cost. What is the magic of this Bluetooth headset mold factory? Let’s look down with the editor!

First of all, PTJ has 13 years of experience in making Bluetooth headset molds. The master craftsmanship must be trusted. Although we are a master, our machine can be trusted. There are more than 20 imported injection molding equipment, 60 experienced technical production team and 12 channels. QC quality inspection process strictly controls the quality of your earphone shell. We will use the most cost-effective price to give you the most high-grade shell products!

PTJ Bluetooth headset mold factory: 13 years of craftsmanship to create high-quality shells

For more details or technical discussions about the Bluetooth headset mold, you are welcome to come to the PTJ factory for field surveys~

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