you can’t slack off before you leave, you should do more detailed work


Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching! Excited and busy for more than half a year, I finally have a small holiday to reunite with my family. The plastic mold factory is no exception. In addition to the excited mood of going home, the heart of going to work at the moment of turmoil, there is also the need to go home before going home Only by doing these actions at the plastic mold factory can you go home and play well.

A general inventory of all plastic mold factory equipment, machinery, and plastic mold injection molding machines: Under normal production environments, everyone does not have too much time for inventory, but when there is a major inventory during the holiday, the existing equipment and machinery should be done well. The reorganization and rectification have laid a solid foundation for the post-holiday war.

Major maintenance of the equipment and molds of the plastic mold factory: For the guy who eats by himself, he knows how much, but also needs maintenance. Through the maintenance process, review it and manage the omissions in the usual minor maintenance. Summarize experience and lessons for future work requirements Zhongduo does a good job in its requirements for smooth work.

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