Plastic mold factory grasps quality from the source


The plastic mold factory is faced with various quality production abnormalities in the production process. In this case, what method can be used to better deal with the problem and effectively avoid future production. PTJ plastic mold factory combines many years of management experience and considers it to be a closure Greater than blame.

In the environment of greater competition in the industry, the method of internal management and handling of problems will seriously affect the normal development process of the company. When facing problems, the correct approach is to first effectively intercept the problem, and then pass the problem Analyze and conduct temporary countermeasures. Only after the problem has been dealt with, can we criticize and educate those responsible.

If the internal management of a plastic mold factory reverses the sequence of problems and difficulties, it will seriously affect the enthusiasm and morale of the internal work. Do things first and then blame, which will greatly improve production efficiency.

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