Buying Bluetooth headset mold


Many customers who want to buy Bluetooth headset molds do not know where to buy? It depends on whether you want to buy shell materials or open a set of molds for production. Then where do you want to find custom Bluetooth headsets? Is it online and offline? Or introduced by a friend? These are not important. The important thing is to find a company that meets your requirements and buy a Bluetooth headset mold. Maybe only this one can meet your needs.

PTJ Bluetooth headset mold factory specializes in customizing headset molds for customers. You don’t need a troublesome process. You only need to provide us with a 3D drawing. In the future, mold opening, injection molding, mass production, oil injection, silk screen, and shipping are all PTJ will solve it for you, no need for you to find another partner, one-stop production is our service feature. And set up 12 QC quality inspection procedures to escort the quality of your earphone shell!

There are tens of millions of bluetooth headset mold factories, but there is only one PTJ, with an annual output value of over 500w and an annual output of 100+ sets of molds. Each set of plastic mold shells are delivered to the door with quality and quantity. It is our pursuit to make customers worry-free Arrived!

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