Additional attention for plastic mold manufacturers


When the customer signs a contract with a plastic mold manufacturer, they will indicate some fines. The most important is the fines for quality and delivery. The customer sets up this item only to ensure quality and delivery. After all, these two items are customers. The fate of the company is unsure, and it is difficult for the later customers to do it themselves, so today PTJ Plastic Mold Manufacturing Factory will discuss it for everyone.

For plastic mold manufacturers, the first priority is the quality of materials. After outsourcing tests by authoritative organizations or laboratories recognized by both parties that have failed certification tests, the penalty amount will generally be three to five times. The second identification error will affect the customer’s material system and subsequent production schedule. The third is mixing. Any company will have stricter treatment plans for mixing. Fourth, the materials and processes are changed without permission, and the batch supply is completely different from the quality signature. Finally, there is an abnormal assembly shutdown caused by abnormal quality, and the shutdown cost of the assembly plant will be very high. Labor, line stop, line transfer fees…may be several times higher than the profit of the material itself.

Therefore, the quality feedback that plastic mold manufacturers are most afraid of hearing is “the line has stopped.” Therefore, we must pay extra attention to these issues during normal production to ensure that our production does not go wrong.

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