Main influencing factors of CNC machining quality in domestic molds

Main influencing factors of CNC machining quality in domestic molds

At present, the quality of CNC machining in China is affected by many factors, including machine tools and clamping factors, cutting tool factors, and processing technology factors.

1. Machine tool and clamping factors

Mold CNC machining machine is a place to ensure machining accuracy, is an effective equipment for distinguishing parts production, and is also an important factor affecting mold CNC machining quality. Clamping is an important part of mold CNC machining, which plays a fixed role. Fix the position of the mold to determine the role of the mold fixing scenario. If the processing of the machine tool and clamping work is not good, it will reduce the overall quality of mold CNC machining, reduce the safety of mold processing, waste unnecessary resources, and reduce the overall quality and level of mold processing.

2. Machining tool factors

The tool directly participates in the manufacturing process of the mold, so the choice of a good tool is very critical. Once the mold processing tool is selected, the most direct hazard is that the mold data processing cannot run correctly, resulting in an unreasonable mold cutting position and a slow cutting speed. , Which affects the stability and safety of mold data processing quality. At present, the most common tool material is cemented carbide. Compared with traditional tool materials, it has many advantages such as strong toughness, high hardness, fast speed, and high accuracy. Therefore, only selecting a good-quality processing tool can improve the mold CNC machining. Quality meets people’s needs.

3. Processing technology factors

Processing technology factors are one of the key factors affecting the quality of mold CNC processing. The traditional processing technology is relatively simple to operate, but the accuracy is low, which will jeopardize the overall quality of mold CNC processing. Standards will not only increase the complexity of mold CNC machining technology, but also the unqualified processing at a time, will also cause a lot of waste of resources.

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