How to prevent fires in plastic mold factories


Everyone knows that plastic products, plastic products, have huge heat in the production. And after the production is completed, it is a flammable product. Every year, the country will cause fires due to improper storage of plastic machining products. This has caused serious harm to the lives and property safety of the people of the country. Therefore, governments at all levels attach great importance to fire prevention in the plastics industry. So what are the key points of fire prevention that we should pay attention to as a plastic mold factory?

  • 1. All employees should participate in the training of fire protection knowledge, and the fire prevention training of employees is the top priority. Whether it is the application of fire extinguishers, common fire escape methods, workshop fire prevention knowledge, workshop dressing requirements in the workshop, the manufacturer should carry out good training.
  • 2. The infrastructure conditions of the plant area must strictly comply with the fire protection requirements, such as: unblocked fire fighting lines, maintenance of fire hydrants, etc.
  • 3. The plant area must conduct fire drills within a certain period of time, and maintain the machines and circuits in the workshop to prevent the possibility of a fire caused by a short circuit in the circuit.

The easiest and most effective way to prevent a fire in a plastic mold factory is to start from oneself, start small, strengthen the fire protection concept of ordinary staff, and inspect the infrastructure of the factory. Only by doing this well, the possibility of fire in the plastic mold factory will be greatly reduced.

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