Three points that cannot be ignored in the production of plastic molds


PTJ Plastic Mould Factory has 13 years of experience in the plastic mould industry and has a strong team of designers who can do our utmost to meet customer needs. So when plastic moulds are being made, what are the issues we need to pay attention to? Let’s take a look!

1. Don’t just focus on product design and ignore plastic mold manufacturing

When developing products or new products, some customers often only focus on product research and development at the initial stage, and ignore communication with plastic mold manufacturing units. After the product design plan is initially determined, contact and communicate with the mold manufacturer in advance. The advantages are:

  • (1) It can ensure that the designed product has a good forming process, and the finalized design will not be modified because the parts are difficult to process.
  • (2) The design plan of the mold should be prepared in advance to prevent ill-consideration in a hurry and affect the construction period.
  • (3) In the production of high-quality plastic molds, only the close integration of the supply and demand sides can ultimately reduce costs and shorten the cycle.

2. We should not only focus on price, but should consider quality, cycle and service in all aspects.

  • (1) There are many types of molds, and different types of molds should be selected for different needs.
  • (2) Molds with high precision requirements should be processed by high-precision CNC machine tools, and mold materials and forming processes have strict requirements.
  • (3) The manufacturer should have CNC, EDM, laser cutting machine, high-precision three-coordinate measuring instrument, etc.

3. Avoid multi-head cooperation and try to process plastic box products through one-stop.

  • (1) With qualified molds, it may not be possible to produce qualified products in batches, mainly related to the shape of the processing machine tool, the forming process (forming temperature, forming time) and the technical quality of the operator.
  • (2) If you have a good mold, you must also have a good forming process. It is best to have one-stop cooperation and try to avoid multi-head cooperation. If the conditions are not met, you must choose one party to be fully responsible. The contract should be clearly written.
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