How to effectively prevent damage during injection molding


How to ensure that the plastic mold will not be damaged during the injection molding process during the processing of the plastic mold? This requires the demonstration of the hard power of  PTJ Mould Factory. If the quality of the plastic mold cannot be guaranteed, how can we let the customer deliver the mold with confidence? Do it for us? Next, PTJ Mould Factory will tell you about the effective prevention of damage to injection molding by picking up goods!

1. Mature casting structure design

The wall thickness of the castings is best to be as uniform as possible to avoid hot spots and reduce thermal fatigue caused by concentrated heat generated by the mold.

2. Reasonable plastic mold structure design

  • (1) The parts in the mold should have enough hardness to withstand the pressure without being deformed, and the wall thickness in the mold should be sufficient to effectively reduce the deformation.
  • (2) Correctly select the tolerance and surface roughness of each accessory.
  • (3) Maintain the thermal balance of the mold.
  • (4) Standardize the heat treatment process.

3. Control of injection mold process

  • (1) Temperature control, mold preheating, molds with hot runners should be heated to the specified temperature.
  • (2) Reasonable injection molding process and reasonable filling speed.
  • (3) Adjust the clamping force of the machine to make the mold evenly stressed.
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