The general process of mold machining


When our injection mold factory receives an inquiry from a customer, sometimes some customers feel that they can start manufacturing molds immediately by providing drawings. However, this is not the case. It requires a series of processes to complete. The following  PTJ Mould Manufacturing Factory will tell you the general process of mold processing.

First of all, when PTJ Mould Factory receives the customer’s 3D drawing inquiry form, our company will first evaluate the project to ensure whether we have the ability to accept the project.

When we are able to accept this project, our project will start to calculate and quote based on the 3D drawings. After the customer receives the quotation and confirms to cooperate with PTJ Mould, we will sign the contract and pay the payment. Then PTJ Mould’s strong designer team Then began to design the product mold and design the best mold. After the customer confirms the mold drawing, PTJ Mould Factory will start processing the customer’s mold. Generally speaking, it takes about 35 days for a set of molds to be cnc machining for the first time. After the processing is completed, it is the first trial T1. , After the T1 trial model is delivered, it needs to be confirmed to the customer, and then the product size inspection, functional inspection, assembly inspection, in these reports, because it is the first trial, there will inevitably be some defects, because it needs to be based on customer requirements Make changes and adjustments. Then conduct the second mold trial. PTJ will do better and better. After the last three mold trials, after the customer confirms that the product meets the customer’s requirements, then the mold can be moved for mass production.

When the mold goes out or mass production, it proves that the project is completed.

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