Bluetooth headset mold nozzle design


Nowadays, various styles of Bluetooth headsets are becoming more and more popular on the market, so we have to mention the method of making Bluetooth headset molds. The most important requirement of many brands when looking for manufacturers to open headset molds is to be efficient and energy-saving, with the fastest speed. Make high-quality products. In fact, to do this, we must check from the source. PTJ Bluetooth headset mold factory tells you that if you want high efficiency, you have to start from the nozzle design.

First of all, whether it is the design engineering of the mold factory or the customer, it must be clearly understood that the conventional Bluetooth headset plastic molds are generally glued with horns. The advantage of this operation is that no additional processing is required, which can reduce unnecessary waste. The two operation methods are shallow water inlet and glue dispensing process. The common point of these two injection methods is that they do not require additional processing by humans, which can save a lot of labor costs. However, when choosing these two operating methods, we must consider whether there are any requirements for the appearance of the product’s mold, because the shallow nozzle injection and In the dispensing process, it is necessary to choose a place without appearance to design and avoid exposed appearance, because once the appearance is exposed, the final product will not meet the quality requirements.

The last one is hot runner glue feeding. This glue feeding method is suitable for Bluetooth headset molds that require multiple products, and this glue feeding method can well control the deformation of the thin and long plastic positions of the product, so that the beer is the same No nozzle can also reduce product processing time.

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