Headphone plastic mold manufacturing


Mr. Cheng of Dongguan contacted PTJ and asked: How long is the fastest delivery time for a set of earphone molds? Can you guarantee the delivery time? Mr. Cheng is preparing to put on the new Bluetooth headset in the near future. I have also found a lot of earphone plastic mold manufacturers before, but the requirements for this earphone are very fine and all aspects are relatively high. The manufacturers I found all said that it cannot be processed. How did Mr. Cheng contact the PTJ earphone plastic mold factory?

According to Mr. Cheng: I first decided to choose a PTJ headset plastic mold manufacturer because many friends around me said that PTJ is quite good. It is very capable and professional in customizing headset molds, and the quality is guaranteed. And my own Bluetooth headset is really not easy to process, you need to find a professional and powerful headset plastic mold manufacturer to cooperate.

So I chose PTJ, and it turns out that I did not choose the wrong one.

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