Injection mold sticking


If the injection mold factory has a large injection molding machine, the screw speed is too high, the injection pressure is too large, and the injection holding time is too long, overfilling will occur, making the mold shrinkage smaller than expected and demolding difficult. Today, PTJ injection mold factory will give you a popular science about the influence of technology on mold sticking.

The nozzle temperature of the injection mold factory is too low, the cooling time is too short, and the injection is interrupted, which will cause poor demolding. Therefore, when troubleshooting the mold sticking and demolding failures, the injection pressure should be appropriately reduced, the injection time should be shortened, the barrel and melt temperature should be reduced, the cooling time should be extended, and the melt flow should be prevented.

In addition, the on-site barrel and melt temperature of the injection mold factory are too high, and the injection pressure is too high. The hot melt will easily enter the gap between the mold inserts and cause flashing, resulting in poor demolding.

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