Earphone shell MOQ


Generally, when a customer asks whether it is possible to customize a headset plastic mold, the salesperson of PTJ Plastic Mold Factory will be very concerned about a question: What is the approximate amount? Small batch production or mass shipment? Because of the different scales of plastic mold manufacturers, the MOQ of the products will also vary slightly.

What is the MOQ of the general earphone plastic mold manufacturers? How much is reasonable and can meet customer needs? This depends on the response of this headset product on the market. Generally, mass-produced products are well received by users, and can be produced in batches for a long time. The sales of such headsets are good, and the orders have been 1W since; and Some products are not very popular, and the minimum order quantity for plastic mold factories generally starts at 3K.

As long as the product sells well, it will only continue to increase orders! Order! ! Order! !

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