Consider the plastic mold processing cycle from multiple aspects

Consider the plastic mold processing cycle from multiple aspects

Regarding how long it takes to process plastic molds, this issue cannot be the same. It must be considered from all aspects, such as the difficulty of processing product varieties, customer product requirements, product material performance and the starting volume of mold products, that is to say, open Number of mold cavities. The plastic mold processing cycle is calculated through strict scientific calculations, and it is not just patting the brain to report a number to customers at will. This is mainly due to the complexity of product design structure, overall dimensions, precision, number requirements, product performance indicators, etc.

  • 1. Product structure: It refers to the difficulty of constructing the plastic parts sample provided by the customer. You can usually understand it as such: the more complicated the plastic parts, the greater the difficulty factor of the manufacturing method. Technically, the more plastic parts have more parting surfaces, the greater the assembly line position, buckle position, hole distance, and rib position, the greater the difficulty of production and processing. The two, the mold production time will also be relatively inferior long. Generally speaking, if the mold design is more complicated, the quality will be lower, the production and processing will be more difficult, the problem will be more, and the actual effect will be slower than the final product.
  • 2. Product size: Yes, the larger the size, the longer the cycle time for plastic mold processing. The production and processing time of the relative parts will be longer.
  • 3. Product requirements: Different customers have different product requirements. The design of the appearance surface is sub-surface or glossy surface or mirror surface, which is harmful to the manufacturing cycle time of plastic molds.
  • 4. Product material performance: Often let our products have precautions, and the mold steel standards and production process requirements are also different. Earlier made PC plus ceramic molds, the purpose of adding ceramics is insulation and fire protection, generally used in led lighting . The requirements for the mold shell are different. The mold needs to be hardened. After hardening, the precision grinder is CNC twice. Afterwards, the important part of production and processing will be more difficult. Nature will take more time. Some molds require corrosion resistance or It is a soft rubber mold, the requirements are all very different, and the manufacturing process will be more complicated.
  • 5: The number of cavities in the mold: that is to say, a set of molds has several cavities, and a whole set of molds produces many products, because the customer product sales market is not big. It is really different to make 2 products and one product. Production and processing time will all be different. Everything is normal. New products are not fully opened due to the market, and the market demand for the products is not so large. At this time, the number of injection mold cavities is not so much, and the market supply can be guaranteed. The cost performance is relatively the highest. Of course, after the product market matures, the number of cavities in the mold must be increased. That depends on the market demand to determine whether to make changes in the number of cavities in order to feed back market demand.
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