Meet the special requirements of precision plastic mold processing

Precision mold parts products are widely used in traffic medical electronics

The production of plastic molds usually requires several technological processes such as casting, cutting production and processing, and heat treatment. In order to ensure the quality of plastic mold manufacturing products and reduce costs, the raw materials should have good forgeability, machinability, hardenability, hardenability and grindability; it should also have small air oxidation, Decarburization sensitivity and cracking tendency of quenching deformation.

  • 1. Forgeability: The plastic mold has lower resistance to hot forging deformation, good plastic deformation, wide casting environment temperature range, and low tendency of forging cracking, cold cracking and precipitation of network carbides.
  • 2. Annealing processability: The spheroidizing annealing environment temperature range is wide, the quenching hardness standard is low and the fluctuation range is small, and the spheroidizing rate is high.
  • 3. Machinability: The cutting amount is large, the consumption of CNC tools is low, and the production and processing roughness is low.
  • 4. Sensitivity to air oxidation and decarburization: when heated at high temperature, the anti-oxidation performance is good, the decarburization speed is slow, and it is not sensitive to the heating medium, resulting in a small tendency to black spots.
  • 5. Hardenability: After quenching, it has a uniform and high surface hardness standard.
  • 6. Hardenability: After the plastic mold is quenched, a deeper hardened layer can be obtained, and it can be hardened by selecting the quenching medium.
  • 7. The tendency of quenching deformation cracking: the basic quenching volume change is small, the pattern warpage and distortion are mild, and the tendency of abnormal deformation is low. The basic quenching cracking sensitivity is low, and it is not sensitive to the temperature of the quenching environment and the style of the steel parts.
  • 8. Grindability: The grinding wheel has relatively low loss, no scald, and the maximum amount of grinding is used. It is not sensitive to the quality of the grinding wheel product and the necessary conditions for water cooling, and it is not easy to produce scratches to grinding cracks.

PTJ is mainly engaged in the production of various precision plastics such as household appliances, digital technology, communication equipment, office, computers, Internet and so on. Utilize examples of different special requirements from different customers, choose different types of hot runner systems for production, processing and manufacturing of plastic molds, and give priority to the development of ultra-precision molds, IMD / IML and other cutting-edge technologies to increase the company ’s The superiority of technical competition. The home appliance products are mainly PHILIPS, Toshiba, Hitachi, etc. The remote control series mainly include ASUS, Haier, Helian, Wanshiyi, etc., and there are also office equipment series products.

We have established a complete and scientific quality certification system, accumulated many years of mold design and manufacturing experience, maintained good 5S on-site management, and comprehensive after-sales service, won the consistent trust of customers and a large number of European and American customers and well-known brands at home and abroad , Forming a good cooperative relationship.

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