The Method for mold mirror polishing

The Method for mold mirror polishing

Manufacturers who have done plastic mold polishing know that they ca n’t eat Xi Shi tofu in anxiety. The most evasive thing about mold polishing is that they want quick success. A technical professional mold polishing manufacturer understands that polishing is a process from shallow to deep. Let me tell them today what the mirror polishing method for the mold represents.

Polishing must be carried out step by step, in order to carry out the work in accordance with the rules, the first step is to apply coarse to fine whetstones and carry out relative processing. After the previous step is completed, then step by step from coarse sandpaper to fine sandpaper, then it must be applied. Diamond smoke pastes of different models and specifications are polished from coarse to fine.

Mirror polishing also involves the use of special tools. At the time of roughing, the polishing technicians used the strength of the oilstone. They all have relative technical requirements. The moving parts should be uniform. It is necessary to apply high quality, and the wood boards for the grinding are divided into softwood and hardwood. Rough grinding is generally all hardwood, and polishing is relatively required to use softwood, and then imported diamond grinding and polishing paste can achieve mirror effect.

Mirror polishing has very high regulations for the natural environment of mold mirror polishing. Many high-end products need to reach a very high level of standard to be able to perform mold mirror polishing.

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