Your injection needs “PTJ” will be completed for you, and mold manufacturers have a strong voice


Although I have said it many times, I still want to tell everyone that if you have a product that needs to be molded and produced by injection molding, please be sure to come to Shenzhen PTJ injection mold factory! 13 years of skill precipitation will surely be able to show the skill!

What business does the injection mold factory cover? Simply put, from mold opening, injection production, and spray screen printing are all PTJ’s housekeeping skills. They have never missed their hands and only bring you higher-quality shells. From design From production, injection to shipment, we have dedicated customer service staff to report the progress with you throughout the process. You only need to provide us with a 3D drawing at the beginning, and we will complete a series of production for you according to your needs.

You will not lose money when you find a PTJ injection mold factory to cooperate. We have two brushes in the manufacturing industry, whether it is hardware or software. Regarding the experience in mold customization, we also have 300+ cases of cooperation with various needs. .

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