Two key points of injection mold processing


When choosing an injection mold  machining plant, there are two key points to pay attention to. If you choose the wrong one and do not choose the right one, it will be difficult to regret after spending the money. This is why you should focus on telling everyone to choose an injection mold processing plant. Be extra cautious, and the result of not considering the two key factors is very different.

  • 1. When choosing an injection mold processing plant, there must be standards: the first criterion is the scale of the factory. Here, I recommend PTJ self-purchased factory covering an area of ​​2500 square meters, 20 imported injection molding equipment, 1 Hexagon 3D, and 60 people experience Abundant technical production team and 12 QC quality inspection procedures strictly control product quality.
  • 2. Factory technology: When choosing a factory, in addition to its scale, its technology must also be reviewed. It is very simple, such as PTJ. 13 years of technology precipitation has achieved exclusive craftsmanship-Bluetooth headset shells have parting lines, but you Invisible. This patented technology has brought 300+ cooperation cases to PTJ.

Looking for an injection mold processing factory and don’t want to be useless? Then you have to master the above 2 points, then you will get twice the result with half the effort when choosing a manufacturer. Or even simpler-come directly to PTJ, save your worry!

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