What is the reason for flying oil when plastic injection?

What is the reason for flying oil when plastic injection?

One: mold core

In the process of making the injection mold, the deformed object is used as the mold core. A mold can only have one shape; many of the sprayed items are different due to deformation. Only the sprayed items used as the mold core will close the mold. Deformed sprayed items are produced due to shrinkage or modification or destruction of the male mold during injection molding. Therefore, the male mold must be improved. The injection molded plastic product can only be used as an injection mold after the injection molding plastic product is stable .

Two: transportation and operation

The deformation of the oil pump mold or the item being sprayed is deformed during the transportation operation and during the operation process. Therefore, it is not necessary to squeeze the mold during the transportation operation, and the package must be covered with soft objects. The reason for the operation process is especially the clamping mold. The mold is closed when the sprayed item is not in place. It is very easy to extrude and smash the injection mold. Cause deformation. It is not easy to clean the injection mold too much. It is very much an injection mold for the eyebrows, otherwise it will also cause deformation of the injection mold, so be careful when moving or operating the process.

Three: The method is incorrect

The actual operation technique and method of the spray painter are incorrect. The actual operation techniques and methods of the painter are also critical, and the air pressure is moderately controlled. Adjust the dilution and viscosity of the paint. When the oil pump is not good, it is not easy to immediately rush to the interface between the article being sprayed and the oil pump mold. The nozzle of the oil spray gun should be inclined slightly. The moderate oil pump spacing can also avoid or alleviate the problem of flying oil.


1. The mold can be changed under similar cost conditions.

2. Rectification can be carried out on raw materials, but it must be reasonable and not excessively expensive.

3. Rectification can be carried out on oil quality, but it must be reasonable.

4. Rectification can be carried out on the construction process.

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